How to Play Stumble Guys Game with Friends

Stumble Guys is a casual action multiplayer game for all mobile users. No matter you use an Android or iOS smartphone, you can play the Stumble Guys game on your mobile device. Because this is available on both Play Store and App Store for free to install. You can also play Stumble Guys on your PC easily and we have a detailed guide on how you can play on PC or Mac. Only follow the guide and enjoy this game on a large screen.

Play Stumble Guys with Friends

You may know that this game is all about running and dodging all the obstacles. And then you have to reach the final point first to win the race. Here you need to complete 31 other players because it only supports 32 players including you in a match. As you can see and as we already mentioned that it is a multiplayer game. So, all the players who participate are real and join from worldwide.

Now the question is how you can play the Stumble Guys game with your friends, right? Yes, you can play in a match with your friends or other members as well. Here we discuss step-by-step to play this game with your friends. Let’s start.

What Stumble Guys Multiplayer Game Is?

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer game only for mobile devices like Android and iOS officially. In this game, you can get tons of amazing levels with different missions. Basically, you get lots of problems and need to overcome them and reach the final point as fast as possible. There is no doubt that it is a multiplayer game and only 32 players can join in a mission. The server automatically finds and joins players all over the world.

How to Play Stumble Guys Game with Your Friends?

Playing this game with your friends is quite easy but you need to follow some steps. Once you follow the steps, you can easily play and have fun with your friends on the game. Here it is.

Step #1: Open the game and tap on the “Party” option on the right side screen.

Step #2: Then you get two options that are “Create Party” and “Join Party”.

Create and Join Party Room

Step #3: You can create the party and then you get a Room Code. You need to share the Code with your friends.

Step #4: Your friends should tap on “Join Party” and Paste the Code.

Use Room Code and Play with Your Friends

Step #5: Then the Play option appears and clicks on it.

Once you follow those five simple steps, you can start the game. Then choose the map and the server and join more players including you and your friends as well. Now, you are able to play Stumble Guys with your friends in the same match.

What You Can Do If You are Unable to Play with Your Friends?

If you already follow those steps and again you can’t connect to your friends then you need to open the game again. In the home screen, click on Setting. Then on the server option, choose the same server you and your friends have.

When you choose the same server and follow those five simple steps then you can surely join the room and play easily.


In this detailed guide, we provide how you can play Stumble Guys with your friends on your mobile device. You get a step-by-step guide to set up the party and join in the match. I hope you like the post and share it with your friends who also want to know.

If you have some query or question then comment on us. Lastly thanks for coming to our site.

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